St George’s Weybridge Term Dates






Welcome to St. George’s Weybridge, a vibrant and thriving school community where students are encouraged to excel academically while also developing their artistic, sporting, and leadership skills. Our term dates are carefully scheduled to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience and ample time for rest and reflection.

Upcoming Events

As we look forward to the upcoming term, there are several exciting events planned for our students. From sports competitions to theatrical performances, there’s something for everyone.

Annual Sports Day

Our annual sports day is scheduled for the second week of the spring term. Students from all year groups will have the opportunity to showcase their athleticism and team spirit in a series of fun and competitive events.

Art Exhibition

The art department has been hard at work preparing for the annual art exhibition, which will take place towards the end of the summer term. This event is a celebration of creativity and talent, and all members of the St. George’s Weybridge community are invited to attend.

Term Dates

Term Start Date End Date
Autumn Term September 6, 2022 December 16, 2022
Spring Term January 5, The Art of Understanding ‘Frau Liebt Frau’ Signale 2023 March 31, 2023
Summer Term April 20, The Risks and Rewards of Dating Naked Online 2023 July 7, 2023

Community News

In other news, the St. George’s Weybridge community rallied together to support a local charitable cause, raising over £10,000 for a new community center. The students organized a variety show that showcased their talents and brought the community together for a memorable evening of entertainment.

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